About me and my business

How My Business Came To Be
I first started doing home renovations professionally in 1984. Several years earlier, I started to learn about it by helping my father work on his house. I started helping relatives and friends with their homes and decided to study more about it. By the time I got to high school I knew how to wire a house, and I knew how a house was built every step of the way.

I finished high school in 1981, and 3 years later, not being happy with the jobs I had, I decided to do home renovations. For the first 2 years it was hard because I had no money saved up, and no source of financing, so in 1987 I decided to team up with another person. Between the 2 of us we were able to get a business going successfully. I planned to save up enough money to go on my own again in a few years, but with the wages I was paid, I had nothing to save, so in 1997, I decided to go on my own again with what I had. Since then, I've cut back on reno work a couple times to do something else, but ended up going back to full time reno work, so as of 2017, I've done about 30 years of reno work. I've done every stage of home construction, but in 2016 I decided I wanted to specialize in one area. Since I like a nicely finished job, I decided to make that be painting and other finishing work. I still do other types of work, but only if I have the time.

My Business Name
Quality Home Renovations was officially registered on May 2, 2000. I first started doing home renovations in 1984 under the name of Mike's Home Improvements. In 1987 I started working for another home renovations company, and in 1997 decided to go on my own again, still using Mike's Home Improvements. In spring 2000 I decided to make some changes, and one of them was my business name, which is now officially "Quality Home Renovations".

How big is my business?
My business started small, grew, and then went small again by choice. I prefer to do most of the work myself or with one assistant and bring in more workers or subcontractors only when needed. I don't like to put workers on a job and go do my own things. My specialty is quality, and to guarantee quality, I like to either do, or at least supervise, the work.

My Work Experience and Ethics
From 1984 to 1997 I did home renovations full-time, then since 1997 I have been doing home renovations on and off. Back problems make it hard to do renovations full time, so during those years I got a couple jobs and started up a different business, Premier Website Solutions. That business was going fairly well, but sitting at a computer didn't do my health any good, so after a couple years of that, I decided to return to home renovations part-time. The combination works out to be a nice balance. A few years later, the website business slowed down, so I started doing a few other things on the side while continuing reno work mostly part-time.

Throughout the last 33 years I have done every stage of home construction and renovation other than the initial excavation. I have now spent a total of about 30 years doing renovations work, mostly residential with a few commercial jobs. I have done jobs of all sizes, from less than 5 minutes, to as long as 4 months. I do a lot of jobs on my own, and have had as many as 5 others working with me. I like to do most of the work myself so I can be sure of the quality put into the work. For most jobs I have 1 assistant because there are frequently times when a 3rd hand is needed, and of course, some jobs that require 2 people.

I have not taken the time to do any apprenticeships, or become a licensed specialist in any area because I like being able to do anything myself. It allows me to do most jobs without having to bring in too many other people. I also plan to build my own house, soon I hope, and be the one doing most of the work.
Here are some examples of how much experience I have in different fields.
This overview does not cover everything I have done, but it does give a general idea of the main things.
Painting This is the most popular type of work. I have done many jobs inside and out, off ladders and scaffolding, by brush, roller, and spray. I use only good equipment and proper preparation for a long lasting job. This is one of those things that many people do themselves because it's "so simple", but if you don't know what you're doing, the quality won't be the same. If painting isn't done properly, it won't last long either.

In 2016 I decided to specialize in this area. I now do mostly painting, staining, varnishing, wallpapering, and trim work. Whether you want a room painted, a deck or porch painted or stained, a maple floor refinished, or the whole inside or outside of your house painted, I can do it.
Electrical I've completely wired 4 new homes and rewired 3 older homes. I've wired attachments added to several homes, rewired many rooms that were renovated, and have done many small jobs like replacing lights, exhaust fans, switches and outlets. All new or rewiring is inspected and I have never had a problem with the inspection.
Plumbing I've installed all water supply and drain pipes in 2 new homes. I've completely renovated several kitchens and bathrooms, including plumbing and electrical work, all of which I do myself. I've replaced a few water supply pumps of different types in country homes. I've also done countless small jobs like replacing faucets or fixing leaks.
Roofing I've shingled and repaired many roofs of different sizes and shapes, and have done a few jobs with tin roofing and roll roofing.
Siding I've installed, repaired and/or painted, vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding on many homes, new and old, and have also done barns, sheds, and garages.
Carpentry I've assisted in the construction of 3 new homes, built many additions to homes, removed supporting walls, and built attached and unattached garages and carports, and many sheds, from kits and from rough plans. I have also built decks and porches, and repaired floors, walls, and roofs.
Doors/Windows I've replaced many doors and windows, added doors and windows, and removed doors and windows. I also replace broken glass, remove/replace storm windows, and wash windows. I have done a countless number of jobs replacing and/or refinishing trim work, (paint or varnish).
Masonry This is one of my less popular fields, by choice. I've had some experience in brick and block laying, pouring footings, floors, walkways and steps, and in parging. My speed is currently slower than more experienced specialists, but my quality is excellent, and on larger jobs I sub-contract. I have rebuilt chimneys and repaired cracked foundations also.
Drywalling This is one of my most popular types of work because most inside jobs involve drywalling. Sometimes I do this myself and sometimes I use assistants, depending on the size of the job and how fast it needs to be done. If you need a job done fast, there is a special compound that can be used that makes it possible to go from drywall to paint in one day.

Useless personal info
My name is Mike Secord. I was born in 1963 and by age 16, (1979), I knew how to wire a house. Not counting time I took off home renovations, I have been doing this kind of work for 33 years. I'm a Christian, a non-smoker, a non-drinker, and I don't use drugs. I'm currently single which is handy when it comes to my work schedule, but it does get boring and I hope to change that soon. My back isn't in perfect condition, but it doesn't stop me from working, just doesn't let me work 40+ hours every week doing physical labor, so I have a few small things I do on the side to make reno work only require part-time hours.

If you're interested, here are other things I do on the side:

- Woodworking
New side business making wood products. My specialty will be making things you want, or making things I've already made, but the way you want. It's mostly been smaller things to take to trade shows, but I've made a few bigger things too. Check out the website to find out more.

- House Cleaning & Housekeeping
Housekeeping and minor repairs (or major ones too). One time cleaning, or scheduled cleaning. I even wash wondows, and can fix them too. ;-)

- Photography Course
Photography has been a serious hobby of mine since 1976. Several years ago, I put together a basic photography course and have since taught it to many and they've all liked it.

- Photography Services
I've done professional work, like family portraits, a graduation, a couple weddings, and some stock photography. If you want professional work done, contact me.
I also do service and repairs to cameras, lenses, flashes, etc. I have fixed several cameras and flashes, and fixed and cleaned a couple hundred lenses.

- Tutoring
Tutoring for your little ones, and your bigger kids too. I help children learn by making learning fun. One-time or ongoing help, summer help, preschool preparation; and no pay until after the first session. Most lessons are custom designed for your child.

- Website Hosting
This is how I can afford a website for each of my hobbies and interests. ;-)
Actually, I started this business in 2002. It's just a small side business now, but if you want a website and would rather deal with someone locally and personally, let me know.

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