Terms & Conditions

Job Pricing
I may be able to give you a price over the phone, but if I do, it's just a rough estimate. How accurate it is depends on how much detail I get, complications or obstacles on the job settings, and various other factors. When I go see the actual job, I can give a final price, but even then, the price is called an estimate because jobs do sometimes have unexpected complications or changes, and estimates can be off a little. If this happens, I may adjust the price by up to 10% without prior notice. If something requires a change of more than 10%, I will discuss it with you first.

Payment Terms
Some jobs can be done on the spot. I go look at it, give a price, and do the work. In these cases, I generally do the work, then expect payment. For jobs of 1 day or less, I will schedule the work and require payment once the work is done. For bigger jobs, I will give you a price, then schedule the work if you want it done, and the contract will have payment terms. When the job is finished, the balance, minus 10%, will be due. The remaining 10% will be due 30 days after the job is done. This is a little safety reserve for you in case you find something later that needs to be fixed or touched up.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or if you use the internet, I can take payment with most major credit cards through Paypal.

Work Schedule
Our, (mine and my assistants), work schedule is flexible so we can arrange to do the work whenever is convenient for you. I will schedule the days and times in advance and do my best to adhere to that schedule, but sometimes changes need to be made, or delays can occur, due to various reasons. I reserve the right to make changes as needed within reasonable limits, but will only do work within time frames that are good for you.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
My business name is Quality Home Renovations because I only do one kind of work, quality work. This is because I have seen enough shoddy jobs in the past, and because some day I plan to build my own house and will build it to the highest quality possible, so that's the kind of work I want to do on other homes. Quality doesn't always mean perfect, for example, with repair jobs, sometimes you will have a choice between a simple repair or a complete redo and in some cases, repairs can be noticable no matter how good they are done. I do guarantee your satisfaction though on all jobs. A job is not finished until it's finished to your satisfaction. When the job is finished, you even have the option of holding back 10% of the price for 30 days to give you time to look for problems.

In the rare case where I can't satisfy you, I will give you 2 options.

1 - If you are unhappy with the work, but plan to accept it as is, you only pay 1/2 of the balance due. Your reason for being unhappy must be realistic.

2 - If you are so unhappy that you plan to get someone else to finish or redo the job, the balance due will be canceled, but I will have the right to see the finished work within the next 1 to 3 months, depending on the size of the job, or you will be switched to option 1.

In the 21 years I've done home renovations, I've only had a handful of cases where the customer wasn't happy.

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